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Captain Typho:

[ Typho ] The vigilant Captain Typho was Senator Amidala's head of security. Typho was the nephew of Captain Panaka, who had served Amidala when she was Queen. Striving for stronger security measures, Typho adopted several of his uncle's unfailing practices, including the use of disguised decoy "handmaidens" to protect the Senator.

Typho was an unquestionably resilient officer, willing to defer to Jedi authorities when the situation became too grim. On the day of the important Military Creation Act vote, a sudden and explosive strike against the Naboo Royal Cruiser killed seven in his command, including the Senator's decoy, Cordé.

After that uncomfortably close call, a pair of Jedi protectors were assigned to watch over Padmé, but even that wasn't enough. The assassin struck again, nearly killing Padmé with a pair of poisonous kouhuns.

After that second attempt, Padmé was secretly transported off the capital to Naboo. Typho and handmaiden Dormé remained behind.

Typho is a stern bodyguard with a grim visage marked with a leather eye-patch. He is an able pilot, capable of flying a Naboo N-1 starfighter as a security escort.