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Owen Lars:

[ Owen Lars ] Owen Lars had toiled to make a life for himself on Tatooine since a young age. The son of Cliegg Lars, a moisture farmer, he greatly valued the traditions of discipline and hard work. As a young man, he had a strong vision of what he wanted to make of himself, and that vision was firmly rooted on Tatooine. His goals were clear and attainable through discipline. He would turn the Lars homestead into a productive farm, and live there with his love, Beru Whitesun.

Complicating this simple life was his nephew. At the behest of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Owen and Beru were made the wards of Luke Skywalker, the son of Owen's stepbrother, Anakin. Lingering resentment over the actions of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi would color Owen's opinions for years.

[ Owen Lars ] Owen attempted to raise his nephew as a normal youth, keeping him from the fact that his veins coursed with Jedi blood and that his "dead" hero father was not simply a freighter navigator. The farmer tried to pass on his values to Luke. Though he was a caring guardian, Owen's demeanor was gruff and strict, which often led to tension between him and his daydreaming nephew. It usually fell to Beru to iron out the differences between Owen and Luke.

He could not rein in Luke's drive for adventure, though. Young Skywalker longed to leave Tatooine and join the Imperial Academy, to live life among the stars. Lars forbade it, reminding Luke that he was needed on the moisture farm. Each year, more of Luke's friends would leave the desert planet for brighter futures. Though Luke felt Owen was stagnating his growth, in truth, the old moisture farmer didn't want to see Luke fall victim to Anakin's fate.

Skywalker would eventually leave the farm, but under tragic circumstances. Imperials searching for missing droids razed the Lars homestead and killed Owen and Beru. With nothing left to keep him on Tatooine, Luke left the desert planet and began down the path of Jedi Knighthood.